Is Virtual Currency equivalent to bribe?

Liri Katz
Is Virtual Currency equivalent to bribe?

Not long ago we met advertisers in the traditional way – they offered and offer and we had the option to take action or not. It could have been a great deal, a new service, or just saying

“hey, we’re still here”

but nowadays things are different.

In-Game advertising is still very new but it promises a lot and delivers even more. Thanks to a large variety of users and the amount of hours spent, the social gaming platform is a must have for any advertiser. New technology offers advanced targeting options and fraud detection mechanisms, giving advertisers the ability to reach their targeted audience in a simple way. Offer that to an advertiser and you’ll witness a very big smile suddenly appearing on his face, saying

“yes, I would like to do business with you”

however, there is more to it.

What’s the best approach when trying to draw the user’s attention while playing a game?
This is where virtual currency comes in.
Offering a user virtual currency and game credits that will help him reach the next level is a great offer, but how effective is it for the advertiser?
There’s no doubt, the user gets what he wants, so does the publisher, but is there a real benefit for the advertiser as well?
Actually, it’s not a question if it’s effective or not for advertisers because it is, the only remaining question is do you think that offering a user virtual currency for the purpose of driving him to action is equal to giving him a bribe? Or do you call it a little incentive…

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