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Display Advertising in 2015

Liri Katz
Display Advertising in 2015

The world of digital advertising never stops changing, and the pace isn’t getting any slower. New technological developments and marketing concepts set the tempo, and it is important to keep up and stay on top of things.

With 2014 already long behind us, becoming familiar with the big picture of 2015’s online marketing trends is quite essential. This includes continued mobile optimization, increased social media spend, and growth in content marketing. However, there are some rather interesting developments in the field of Display Advertising, which are also important to keep in mind:

1. Data as a key player: Perhaps one of the more important trends to impact the online advertising world as a whole, and Display Advertising in particular, is related to data itself. Companies are looking more and more into big data-driven analytics to cross-reference between search activity, sales, purchase history, site interactions and browsing habits.

This information allows a better understanding of exactly what their customers are looking for, where they are likely to go next, and what actions they might carry out. Big data analytics and metrics have already begun being an integral part of an online marketer’s agenda, and their role in 2015 should be even more significant.

2. Context will be just as important as the content itself: Another notable prominent development is the understanding that quality content is just as important as its location and surrounding. The awareness to context has been recently growing, and it is expected to skyrocket to new levels in 2015.

Thanks to new and improved data-driven technology, it is now becoming easier to make sure your content reaches audience in the most contextually-relevant places, making it very likely for people to be interested in what you have to say.

3. Cross-device measurement and channel attribution: Understanding exactly which channel has made a conversion has always been relevant. However, major developments in the field have only been made quite recently. Initially, Facebook raised the bar in 2013, with acquiring Microsoft’s online ad serving and measurement service Atlas.

The people at Google haven’t been fiddling around either, and acquired advanced marketing attribution platform Adometry in 2014. These big players have realized the great importance back then, and the rest have started following.

Since 2014, we have seen more and more advertisers and agencies focusing on developing solutions for understanding exactly which channel has brought the lead and made the purchase. This trend should continue and become even stronger throughout 2015, due to technological developments and to a more profound understand of its importance.

The impact should be felt throughout the entire world of digital advertising as a whole, and on each individual marketing channel specifically – including Display. It should make things easier in that regard, and shed some light on precise performance metrics attributed specifically to your Display campaign.

4. Cookies will lose their importance: Up until recently, tracking users was done quite easily, using a simple cookie that followed users around from place to place. However, user behavior has changed, and things are now different: With the strong foothold mobile has gained, many users now regularly browse the web through several different devices, making it difficult to track them with simple cookies.

In addition, awareness to online privacy has grown, and cookies are being disabled more and more often. As a result, ad-tech companies have started developing new tracking tools, and advertisers have begun realizing even more that the information found in a user’s online ID and profile can be quite useful and reliable. Learning how to use this information can lead to more accurate targeting and eventually better performance. We should expect to see significant progress in this direction throughout 2015.

2015 has only kicked off, and it already seems packed with a whole new set of exciting dynamic developments. To keep track of these trends and to make sure you stay on top of the Display Advertising game, contact us at [email protected]

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