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E-Mail Marketing: Choosing your payment plan

Liri Katz
E-Mail Marketing: Choosing your payment plan

So you have decided you want to start your E-mail marketing adventure, but now what? Well, the first and most important thing you need to decide is the size of your budget.
Many E-mail marketing companies offer you a variety of payment options with many diverse plans. Whether it’s an annual plan, a monthly plan or pay as you go, you need to think really hard how you are going to spend your money. Choosing the right payment plan can increase your ROI and let you enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with your E-mail marketing partner.

Lets revise the options you can choose from:

  • Annual Plan- Here you commit to a whole year for an agreed upon price per E-mails. This is the least favorite plan because you really don’t want to bind yourself to the same program with the same prices.
  • Monthly Plan- This plan is designed for users that sands E-mails for at least once a month. You pay every month for an agreed upon number of E-mails to send. This is a good plan but still very fixed.
  • Pay As You Go- Probably the best and most diverse plan in the market. Instead of committing to an amount of E-mails you will send, you buy a bank of “credits” that can be used  any time you wish. You can always buy more so you want get stuck in the middle of the month. This plan gives you the best returns on your investments.

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