A lot has been said lately about the privacy issues of Facebook, but looks like that the new Facebook facial recognition heated things up. Now Facebook will suggest photo tag options of you to your friends making tagging easier and faster. Seems like that what bothers users most is the fact that Facebook is not asking but doing. Just like most Facebook features, the default setting for facial recognition is “on” meaning users need to choose “opt out” if they wish to disable this feature.

Here are some numbers: Facebook says that more than 100 million people tag photos   every day, and this probably makes Facebook’s photo application the most popular photo-sharing service on the netת to-sharing service on the net.. ost popular tos are tagged everydayhis feature. g. d faster, promising that the new facial recognition will work with full power. Meanwhile experts say that despite the criticism on Facebook users will not leave the biggest social network, simply because there is no place else to go.

While Facebook is preparing itself for an IPO, here’s a scary thought: the government will buy a significant share of Facebook and then we as users will probably be extra careful while posting statuses, uploading photos and more… (:

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