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Mars Media Group Marathon Team

Liri Katz
Mars Media Group Marathon Team


This past Friday, the great city of Tel Aviv hosted the 5th annual Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon. For those who don’t know, the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is a multi-course event allowing runners in all levels and styles to participate. It is an annual citywide celebration designed for professional long-distance runners as well as beginners.

The Marathon is one of Tel Aviv’s core international projects. With this year’s shocking number of 35,000+ participants in all styles made it the most popular running event in Israel, attracting runners from across the globe.

Mars Media Group, with its great love in giving back to the community and increase promotion to healthy living, joined the tenth of thousands of runners with a team of our best runners in all styles. Our team varied from campaign managers, programmers and even department heads. We are proud of each member of our team and are grateful for their enthusiastic participation in the Marathon.

Mar Media Group reminds you that the Tel Aviv Marathon teaches you to stay in shape, giving back to the community and is an amazing event that brings together people from all over the world.Our runners have already started training for next year’s marathon, want to join us?

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