Who’s to blame?

Liri Katz
Who’s to blame?

Lately we’re seeing Groupon everywhere and it’s not because of their great marketing strategy. Most of us have read a handful of articles about Groupon, its business plan, the upcoming IPO, and more but there is one issue that is refusing to back down:

“is Groupon good for businesses?”

The question is actually unfair, there is no one good product or service out there that has only good written all over, and yet we keep on discussing whether  Groupon is good or bad and there’s a feeling that no matter what Groupon is pretty much doomed to be the bad guy in the story.

We see statistics of how many Groupon businesses failed, there are stories about ex-employees revealing secrets of how things work in Groupon, there is plenty of criticism about the up-coming IPO and the incredibly imaginary value of the company that has no justice whatsoever according to experts and more, but seems like that the biggest argument of them all is regarding customer loyalty. True, most featured businesses give the daily deal industry a big F when it comes to customer loyalty and it looks like that both daily deal sites and merchants are looking for improvement in this specific area.

Somehow, Groupon is drawing all the fire, being solely blamed due to lack of customer loyalty, but really, is it Groupon’s fault? The featured deal doesn’t include a promise that customers will return once more, yet we hear about merchants that had a bad experience, saying that Groupon doesn’t work for you. Frankly it doesn’t really matter, as long as consumers want coupons they’ll get coupons, if  it’s good or bad for merchants is not relevant because if it’s great for consumers then someone will find a way to deliver and that’s where merchants and daily deal sites come to the rescue.

Don’t blame Groupon, don’t blame the merchant, blame it on us – the consumers for being coupon addicts.

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