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Maximizing Programmatic Advertising Reach with GPS: Ensure Ads are Displayed at the Right Time and Place

May 29, 2018

In today's world, where global audiences are bombarded with countless ads across multiple platforms, the success or failure of a digital advertising campaign can depend heavily on being able to display ads that are relevant to each individual, in the right place and at the right time. When it comes to running programmatic ads, it's even more crucial to display them to the right audience on the most appropriate channel. Failing to do so may result in wasted ad spend and impressions, rather than utilizing them efficiently

What if you could show your programmatic ads to target audiences, based on where they are located – and the ad’s relevance to their activities? For example, having your restaurant ad appear in user’s mobile device screens as they emerge from the nearby subway station at the end of a workday? With Mars Media Group’s new High Accuracy GPS feature for programmatic advertising, you can.

Create focal clustering

Every day, mobile users spend a minimum of four hours on their smartphones and download apps. With the new GPS feature, advertisers and app developers can harness the power of geolocation tracking, accessed through apps already on the user’s phone (providing that the user grants permission to use their location data), to know where target users are and translate proximity into successful user engagement.

Drive traffic to local sites & events

Geolocation targeting enables advertisers and app developers to identify coordinates and create a geo-fence. That way, when a device belonging to a target audience member enters a set location, that specific user can be prompted with the programmatic ad. The new GPS feature enables users to input instant check-ins, activates local influencers, presents local users with time-limited offers and geotargets users likely to attend local events. Together, these capabilities create a strong following among users likely to attend a local event and drive traffic to local brick-and-mortar businesses, creating a competitive edge.

In this day and age, being in the right place, at the right time, is the key to advertising success. Mars Media Group’s New GPS feature for programmatic advertising allows for the leveraging of location to target audiences and increase conversion, wherever they are and when they want or need a business’ offering most.

With High Accuracy GPS Location, the online advertising galaxy has never been closer, or more timely.

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