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Mobile Video App Advertising

Nov 5, 2015

So you developed a new app. Congrats! We are sure that your app has tremendous potential to be ‘the very next thing’, and as such we are really excited and proud of you, but what’s your next step in the app jungle?

How do you get the word out and tell the world about your amazing new mobile app?

Well, putting all the drama aside, letting people know about your app and correctly promoting it, is one of the most important steps for new applications to get recognized in the Mobile market.

In order for you to make ripples, you need to make a really big splash in the pond. The point being, is Innovation.

In order to achieve this goal, you must have a Technological advantage as well as the right connections in order to generate a large volume of traffic and high quality users.

Today, we want to introduce you to a new and exciting method of mobile app advertising which is quickly and steadily becoming one of the most effective and thus preferred, advertising methods for app promotion and distribution.

Yes, we are talking about Mobile Video App Advertising.

Basically, this up and coming niche is the next evolution phase of Rich Media advertising as we know it.

The ability to advertise applications by video advertisements instead of banners on mobile devices is an absolute Game changer.

Here, the content shown and experienced by the user creates a completely different user experience, and by doing so it practically creates a whole different level of user engagement.

How is the User flow different?

With mobile video app advertising, users discover and learn about new apps through video Ads. This method exceeds the basic advertising forms in today’s market such as Static banners and popups. Advertising applications using video ads speak more to today’s target audience to enhance their engagement, thus making them more submissive to the message.

Video advertising on mobile platforms varies from simple trailers on popup ads, to the incentivised CPV model, where users are required to watch the video till the end so they can be rewarded. With new and improved mobile devices and ever improving technology entering the market on an almost daily basis, this field of mobile advertising keeps improving and reinventing itself.

If you have an application you wish to promote, then video advertising might just be the way for you. While it may be more expensive and more creatively demanding, the return of investment is much more extensive than plain banners and static adverts.

For more information about Mobile Video App Advertising contact your campaign manager today.