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What is ASO?

The process of optimizing mobile apps to improve their visibility and discoverability in app stores, such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is known as App Store Optimization. It involves a variety of techniques and strategies aimed at increasing the app's ranking in search results and attracting more organic downloads.

MMG will work together with you to improve your organic reach. ASO reports and competitor analysis will help you improve campaign strategies, helping you to achieve set KPIs.


ASO Market Research

We identify potential keywords and optimization strategies by analyzing competitors, market trends & app store algorithms.

By researching user behavior and preferences we make informed app ranking optimizations.

ASO Keyword Suggestions

Using ASO best practices and tools, we generate a list of relevant keywords based on app features and target audiences.

We research competitor apps to identify high-performing keywords and potential gaps in the market.

ASO Keyword Tracking

We monitor app store reviews & ratings to assess the effectiveness of keyword optimization efforts.

We adjust keyword strategies and analyze the impact over time according to our insights.


Split campaign by segments

MMP integration and Deltiled report per Keyworld

Automatic rules and optimization

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