What is
performance TV?

Performance TV refers to a advertising on connected TV (CTV) which enables advanced tracking and campaign optimization. The purpose of performance TV is to measure and optimize campaigns to achieve specific goals, such as generating leads, driving website traffic, or increasing sales. Unlike traditional television advertising, where success is often measured solely by reach and brand awareness, performance TV advertising tracks and measures specific campaigns goals.

performance TV

Excel ROI with some Branding Magic

MMG’s branding and performance-based strategies merge to deliver top-notch ad placements, premium quality traffic, increased engagement,and refined targeting campaigns.

The combination of excellent marketing strategy, big data, audience engine and premium ad placements, helps to ensure that campaigns reach the right audience, conversions are maximized and ROI is exceeded.

CTV Mobile
user acquisition

1000+ direct or exclusive applications and channels across all CTV platforms

Follow your user journey through unique & measurable data

Full transparency

Cost effective

Meet and engage with your core audience on the big screen

Available through all main MMP’s

Get enhanced granular reporting capabilities & unique insights

Data & audience driven

How it Works

Get real-time campaign optimization and performance measurement capabilities with CTV-to-mobile attribution.

Ad Shown on CTV

Impression URL sent

Apps Installed & Opened

First launch events sent


Installs & impressions paired

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